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Like other neurotoxins, Xeomin is expected to last around three to four months on average. Though, certain patients may see it last as long as six months. It may also last longer in certain areas that are less active in general such as the bunny lines.

All neurotoxin injections including Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau are all safe. No one type of neuromodulator injection is safer than the others. One example here is for patients prone to allergic reactions or those allergic to the proteins in Botox or Dysport.

However, if you have had an allergic reaction to other Botulinum toxin products, you will still want to use caution. Especially if you have not pinpointed the ingredient you are allergic to. It is still possible to have an allergic reaction to Xeomin. However, it is significantly less likely since the unnecessary proteins are not present. For the average patient, though, there is no significant difference in safety between Xeomin and Botox.

The cost of Xeominh is $12 per unit. The exact number of units required will vary between patients, treatment areas, and what is necessary to provide optimal results.

The cosmetic injectors at Botox Bar have years of medical and aesthetic experience. They specialize in customizing each injection appointment to the individual client. Not everyone wrinkles in the same way and therefore the treatments cannot be cookie-cutter. Along with Xeomin, Botox Bar offers lip flips, hyaluronic acid fillers, and weight loss injections.

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