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Yes, as long as the treatments are performed by a trained and licensed medical professional, medical spa treatments are perfectly safe.

Your provider will first want to understand your concerns, medical history, and experience with cosmetic injectables or other medical spa services Plano. They will also examine your face for signs of aging and observe how the muscles contract to cause dynamic wrinkles. This will help them craft the best personalized treatment plan. Patients generally can have their treatments performed in under a half hour and the initial consultation takes around twenty minutes. They can also expect to have their worries and concerns addressed—whether that be pain management or a previously bad experience, our providers aim to make you feel comfortable and confident in your aesthetic treatment.

The cost of medspa treatments varies based on the specific treatment, amount used, frequency received, and complexity of the treatment, among other several other factors. Patients can find starting costs for all of our medical spa treatments through our online booking app.

Most non-surgical aesthetic services do not involve any traditional recovery time. Patients may need to refrain from strenuous exercise or activity for one or two days at most. There is normally no need to take time off work or other daily activities or commitments. It is normal for patients to experience some minor side effects, but they tend to resolve on their own and not be too bothersome.

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