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Juvederm filler injections can take between ten and thirty minutes depending on the areas treated, number of areas treated, and if numbing cream is used. In most cases, Juvederm treatment Plano can be completed over your lunch break.

Juvederm fillers tend to last between six months and one year. However, Juvederm Voluma is the longest lasting hyaluronic acid filler currently on the market, lasting 18 months on average. Your injector can provide a more accurate estimate of how long your filler should last based on the specific filler used and treatment area.

Juvederm is a dermal filler that is used to add volume to a treatment area. The injections are generally just below the skin and they aim to disguise signs of aging or contour certain features. Botox is a neuromodulator that interacts with muscles and nerves to block certain signals to and from the brain. These signals are specifically targeted to prevent the movements that cause dynamic wrinkles. Not only does this help smooth out dynamic wrinkles, but it also helps prevent wrinkles in the future. Botox injections are usually intramuscular.

Some discomfort may occur. However, Botox Bar has several tools to limit pain and discomfort. Firstly, numbing cream can be applied before treatment. Also, Juvederm has a small amount of lidocaine in its formula which helps ease the pain of the injections as they are happening. Any discomfort is short-lived and patients do not experience too much discomfort during Juvederm Plano.

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