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Medical weight loss provides sustainable results that allow you to avoid overeating and unhealthy food. It’s a great way to lose weight without participating in fad diets or extreme exercise.

The results are based on your unique anatomy and genes. However, patients typically begin to see results around the three-month mark.

Yes, semaglutide weight loss is one of the most sustainable weight loss methods available. You can expect a steady weight loss that supports a healthier weight loss that doesn’t fluctuate.

While it’s common for a patient to have a BMI of 30 or over when they begin semaglutide, patients can have a BMI under 30 and still be a candidate for semaglutide weight loss.

Patients who take certain medications or those who are not overweight should not take semaglutide for weight loss. During a consultation, your provider at Botox Bar can help you determine if semaglutide is right for you.

You can lose between eight to twelve pounds during the first three months of semaglutide weight loss. However, you can lose more or less depending on your genetics and overall lifestyle.

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