A Multifaceted Medical Aesthetic Practice

A Multifaceted Medical Aesthetic Practice



BSN, RN, CPN, Advanced Clinical Nurse injector

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BSN, RN, Clinical Aesthetics Injector, Director of Clinical Education

Jen is well-versed in complications, contraindications, and patient concerns. She is very passionate about skin and beauty and genuinely desires to instill confidence and provide a sense of empowerment. She strives to educate her patients and provide them with the information they need to make the best decisions regarding their personalized treatment plan. Jen also trains other aesthetic injectors weekly to learn new techniques and provides hands-on training for injectors to help grow their skill set. Jen is known for her honesty and ability to create natural enhancements. She loves being an aesthetic medicine practitioner because it allows her to help people’s inner light shine from the inside out. Jen is well known for her consultations, where she crafts a unique plan for each client while listening to and respecting the patient’s desired outcomes. She loves to create a collaborative approach with her team members, and patients report feeling heard, encouraged, and excited about their well-designed treatment plan.


BSN, RN, Clinical Aesthetic Nurse Injector

She is currently working toward her Master of Science in Nursing in the Nurse Practitioner program at UT at Arlington. Her background as a Neurology ICU nurse truly sets her apart. Julia never stops learning – she is always actively pursuing training opportunities to advance her skills and learn new techniques. Julia is passionate about helping people feel their best and achieve beautiful results that highlight the client’s natural beauty. She is passionate about providing more than just a treatment but an educational and fun experience. With a focus on developing relationships with each patient alongside continued education, Julia takes the time to listen to her client’s goals to provide them with a realistic treatment plan tailored to them.


BSN, RN, Clinical Aesthetic Nurse Injector

She is passionate about helping others and educating patients on their health and treatment plans. She believes that in the aesthetic world, it’s essential to boost confidence in each patient. She loves to accentuate her patient’s natural beauty and create a trusting, comfortable environment. She enjoys building relationships with her patients while educating them on their current and future procedures. She is committed to understanding the aging process and providing her patients with the education and tools necessary for enhancing natural beauty, achieving vitality, and improving longevity. Stefanie’s goal is to support each patient in all aspects of their health, inside and out, by using a proactive, preventative, evidence-based approach.


PA-C Clinical Aesthetic Injector

She specializes in ultra-natural, balanced results, and our patients have said she is highly empowering and educates them thoroughly. Shelby has been featured in local magazines and is genuinely one of a kind. Shelby is passionate about beauty – cultivating inner and outer well-being and confidence. Treating the body’s largest organ is a never-ending journey; things are constantly changing. Shelby loves learning new techniques and ways to approach the skin to get the best results possible for her patients. There is no better feeling than helping someone to become the most confident version of themselves. She truly believes aesthetic wellness plays a vital role in each patient’s physical and mental well-being and couples injectables with other technologies to make each treatment plan custom. She approaches all appointments with the objective of highlighting natural beauty and boosting confidence. Shelby is passionate about helping patients step into the world with confidence as the best version of themselves.


BSN, RN, Clinical Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Amanda is a master aesthetic injector, cadaver certified, and an expert in facial anatomy. Amanda has an artistic eye for filler and facial harmonization, and our patients adore her. Amanda’s passion for beauty started with her own skincare journey. When you feel your best, you look your best. She believes that there is nothing wrong with a bit of self-care to accentuate one’s natural beauty. Amanda works with her clients calmly and soothingly to enhance their natural beauty while diminishing the effects of aging. She is passionate about encouraging a healthy lifestyle that promotes beautiful skin and a natural glow.


BSN, RN, CPN, Clinical Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Dani is a master injector, is cadaver certified, and is an expert in facial anatomy. She has an artistic eye for filler and facial harmonization; many of our patients often ask for her by name. Dani is passionate about inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves and is dedicated to helping her patients feel confident and radiant. As a mom to three, she understands and is invested in helping her patients age gracefully. Education is central to all her procedures, and she hopes every patient leaves feeling informed, empowered, and confident. Dani loves the artistry involved in injectables, aiming to have attention to detail for the individuality of each client and their aesthetic goals.


MSN, RN Clinical Aesthetic Nurse Injector

As a passionate advocate for beauty and wellness, Misty believes in the harmony that radiates from within and reflects in one’s surroundings. For Misty, beauty is a serene and discreet presence, a philosophy that extends from her professional career to her personal life. Misty loves to instill confidence in her patients by mixing medicine, beauty, and science. Her goal is to provide the resources her patients need to feel confident with every treatment, while working together to tailor a personalized integrated treatment plan. Her approach in aesthetic medicine is intentional, and safety and education are her number one priority.



Within this role lies critical business functions, including payroll, financial reporting, accounts receivable and payable, international operations, and financial systems. Blaz is highly collaborative across all functions to support Botox Bar’s vision of transformative impact on the medical aesthetics field through continual innovation in education + research.


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