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Overview: What Is Dysport?


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Dysport vs. Botox



The Dysport Injection Technique


Dysport is used for nearly all of the same treatments Botox is, including aesthetic and medical treatments. Some of the treatments Dysport is used for include:

  • Forehead lines

  • Frown lines

  • Crow’s feet

  • Lip flip

  • Bunny lines

  • Chronic migraines

  • Hyperhidrosis

  • Gummy smile treatment

  • Trapezus muscle reduction

  • Face/jaw slimming

Several of the medical uses of Botox such as muscle spasticity, eye twitching, and cervical dystonia are the same for all Botulinum toxin products.

After receiving Dysport injections—particularly regular Dysport injections—some people may notice their wrinkles look “worse”. There are a few explanations for this, but Dysport likely did not contribute.


First off, when a patient undergoes regular neuromodulator injections, they become used to not seeing their wrinkles. If they let it wear off completely, the same wrinkles may appear simply because the patient was not used to seeing them anymore. Further Dysport injections can alleviate this. This is called preventative aging.

Dysport results may settle in as soon as two or three days post-injection. With most neuromodulators, there may be some mild results immediately, but the final results will take time. Within one week, most Dysport patients have seen their results settle in. This timeline is often quicker than Botox, and takes a minimum of five to seven days to kick in for most people.

People who have previously had Botox may notice that where they previously got 30 units of Botox, they now get 90 units of Dysport. This difference comes down to the formulations and concentrations of the two products. Since Botox contains more proteins, it takes less product to see a result. However, Dysport contains fewer proteins and thus requires more units.

After Dysport treatment, there is no traditional recovery period. Though, you will still need to make small alterations to your routine to promote optimal results. This can vary depending on the areas treated, but routine aftercare instructions may include:

  • Do not exercise for 24 hours

  • Avoid bending over for a few hours

  • Do not lay down for several hours following the injections

  • Sleep on your back

  • Avoid massaging or touching the treated areas for 24 hours

For the most part, patients can resume working and basic physical activities such as walking, shopping, and doing household chores.

The cost of Dysport at Botox Bar depends on the number of units used and the particular treatment. Upon consultation, you will receive a customized price quote. To get an initial idea of how much Dysport will cost based on your procedures, visit our Price Simulator or give us a call.

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