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For some patients, one session of Kybella may provide adequate results. Ultimately, it depends on the amount of fat present and how the patient’s body responds in the weeks after treatment. Kybella works by bursting the fat cells and then taking advantage of the body’s metabolism to clear the dead fat cells. Therefore, depending on how the body responds, it can take a couple of sessions to see the results wanted.

On average, patients undergo two to four sessions of Kybella to see their desired results. At your consultation and after your first session, your injector can better estimate how many sessions you may need.

Yes, once the fat cells burst and the body clears them, they will not come back. However, like with liposuction treatment, remaining fat cells can still expand if you gain weight. Therefore, you should continue to live a healthy lifestyle after Kybella injections.

Sometimes Kybella is used on the bra roll area. It is currently only FDA approved to treat submental fat. However, studies do continue and it will likely receive future approvals to treat other small treatment areas. For larger areas, liposuction or other non-surgical procedures continue to be more effective.

The body usually takes between four and six weeks to clear out the treated fat cells. Though, it can take up to eight weeks. Unlike other injectable treatments, there are no immediate results. Your injector will likely want to evaluate your results after four to six weeks and possibly perform another round of injections.

Kybella at Botox Bar starts at $799 per session. This also includes your free in-person or virtual consultation. Botox Bar does work with Care Credit to offer outside financing for your Kybella treatments.

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