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A day spa offers procedures such as massages and facials which are relaxing and luxurious, but have minimal—if any—medical benefits. A medical spa usually employs medical professionals to perform procedures that a day spa cannot such as injections or more specialized skin procedures. These procedures often do have medical benefit or are applied through medical means. Medical spas sometimes also offer some day spa services.

Ultimately, it is best to consult with a medical professional at Botox Bar. They will examine your anatomy, skin, medical history, and ask about your concerns to determine the right skin treatment or combination of treatments for you.

If you have a purely cosmetic concern such as wrinkles or aging concerns, it is unlikely that you need to visit a doctor before seeking treatment at a medspa. However, certain things that Botox Bar can address do occasionally serve as symptoms or indications of a medical problem. In these cases, going to your doctor first may be recommended. Also, if you have a rare or major health condition, you may want to check in with your doctor and obtain advance clearance for aesthetic medical treatments like injections.


This is a personal decision, but if your provider believes you may have another condition or it would be unsafe to perform a procedure, they will be upfront about it and provide alternatives or advice.

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