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The amount of time that cheek filler lasts depends on the type of filler used. On average, patients can expect hyaluronic acid filler in the cheeks to last around six to twelve months. Other fillers such as Radiesse may last up to two years.

Some mild discomfort or the feeling of pressure is normal. Patients generally do not experience too much pain during cheek filler injections. The filler contains lidocaine and there are also skin-numbing agents that your clinical injector may utilize. As a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, any discomfort or pain is temporary and minor.

It can. Augmenting the cheeks can help raise hollowed under eyes slightly. While it will not fill them in, it addresses the loss of cheek volume which contributes to the formation of hollow tear troughs. Also, a small amount of cheek filler is sometimes used to support under eye filler injections and improve their overall appearance.

No, patients should sleep on their back following any facial filler treatment. Sleeping on your stomach or side can hinder cheek filler results and make the sides uneven or asymmetrical. Sleeping on your back promotes optimal settling of the filler and can help reduce swelling if the head is elevated.

Yes, if hyaluronic acid fillers are used, a clinical injector can dissolve the cheek filler at any time following the injections. This can help give patients new to the procedure peace of mind. Radiesse or similar fillers cannot be dissolved.

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