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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, Botox results last between three and four months. Though, the longevity of the injections depends on several factors including your metabolism and lifestyle. People who are exceptionally active may see their Botox wear off sooner. Smoking and medical conditions can also impact how long your results last.

If you use Botox regularly for several years, a small subset of patients may build an immunity to it. Thankfully, Xeomin is another product that does not contain the proteins that your body can build immunity. Therefore, if this happens, you can likely still continue wrinkle relaxing injections.

Overall, Botox is one of the safest cosmetic treatments available. It carries few risks for most patients. However, there are some possible complications, especially in high risk patients or when performed by an inexperienced provider. Possible risks include:

  • Infection

  • Allergic reaction

  • Prolonged side effects such as swelling or bruising

  • Temporary facial weakness

  • Spreading of the Botox

  • Unintentional effects such as drooping eyelids or a crooked smile

  • Temporary flu-like symptoms

Most of these complications are either temporary or treatable. Though, unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, there is no reversal agent. This makes it especially important to see a provider who is experienced and qualified. Life threatening complications are nearly non-existent and almost unheard of. Additionally, most complications affect only the treated areas or nearby areas.

Other than the aforementioned Botox Cosmetic treatments, a few other possible treatments include:

  • Facial slimming (masseter Botox)

  • Corners of the mouth drooping

  • Neck bands

  • Chin dimpling or wrinkles

  • Lipstick lines

While the success rate of Botox for migraines varies for each patient, experts generally place it between 60% and 80%. Often, it takes a few rounds of treatments to see the ideal results. Many patients also continue their other migraine treatments along with injections of Botulinum toxin.

Yes, there are other manufacturers and variations of botulinum neurotoxins out there. These include:

The cost of Botox treatment Plano depends on the number of treatment areas and units required to provide the best possible results. You can use Price Simulator to pick all the areas you are interested in Botox and get a tentative price quote. On average, patients can expect to spend an average of $400 per session. Botox Bar also works with Care Credi to offer outside financing.

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