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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Dallas-Forth Worth

Overview of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Before and After Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
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Duration of Effects and Treatment Intervals



On average, you can expect hyaluronic acid fillers to last somewhere between six and twelve months. However, certain options such as Juvederm Voluma can last up to eighteen months in ideal circumstances. Radiesse and Sculptra can last up to two years. Though, because they create a strong collagen response, there may be some permanent effects after these filler injections.

Patients may benefit from both Botox and fillers. However, if are looking at a particular wrinkle or area and wondering which will treat it best. Here are a few tips to figure out which one may be right for you:

  • Fillers add volume. Therefore, if you want to augment a feature or fill in a deeper crease, filler treatment is likely best.
  • Botox relaxes muscles and wrinkles that appear during muscle movements. If the wrinkles only appear when raising your brows or squinting your eyes, Botox is likely the treatment.
  • Fillers are rarely used in the upper face.
  • Botox cannot treat wrinkles that remain on the face regardless of movement.
  • In some cases, both Botox and filler may be suitable, such as when treating smile lines or lips. Your injector will work with you to craft the ideal plan based on your anatomy and goals.
There is some minor discomfort associated with filler injections. However, our office does offer numbing cream and most fillers contain a small amount of lidocaine. Filler injections are quick and the pain goes away almost instantly upon finishing the injections. Overall, most patients tolerate filler injections without too much comfort.

The exact aftercare will vary depending on the filler treatment you undergo. However, you can expect some instructions such as:

  • Avoid strenuous workouts for two to three days
  • Do not partake in activities that cause sweating
  • Keep out of the sun/the treatment area covered
  • Avoid sleeping on the filled area
  • Do not massage or touch the area

Dermal fillers range in cost based on the type of filler you choose, the number of syringes, your provider, and other factors. In most cases, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to well over $1000. Upon consultation with a provider, you will receive a personalized price quote. To get an idea of how much Dallas filler injections cost, visit our Price Simulator.

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