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5 Interesting Facts About Botox

Everyone has heard of Botox and likely knows that it is a type of cosmetic injection. However, there are also many facts about Botox the general public may not know. If considering Botox, here are five interesting facts to know. 1. Botox Is Popular! Botox is currently the most popular non-invasive cosmetic…

What Is The Difference Between Botox And Xeomin?

Botox was the first Botulinum toxin A product to gain FDA approval for cosmetic usage in the United States. It remained the only such product for nearly two decades. However, now multiple alternatives exist: Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau are the ones most commonly used. Xeomin is one of the more interesting options…

What Is This Craze With Ozempic/Wegovy For Weight Loss?

You may have heard of the newest weight loss craze known as “Ozempic” or ‘Wegovy.” Unlike many weight loss trends, this is not a fad diet and is backed by FDA approval for weight loss. The drug—Ozempic and known as Wegovy specifically for weight loss—has been used as a diabetes treatment for…

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