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Frequently Asked Questions

This is hard to quantify because the number of pounds lost will depend on the patient’s starting weight and specifics of their treatment. For example, one patient may lose 40 pounds and reach a healthy, stable weight, whereas other patients may lose over 100 pounds before reaching that point. On average, patients lose at least 35 pounds.

It does not matter. You can eat before or not, but the medication should be taken at roughly the same day and time every week.

Initially, some side effects may occur, but starting on a small dose minimizes this. Patients will likely not see major results for at least several weeks. This is normal and patients should not be alarmed.

The full dose of semaglutide is 2.4 milligrams. However, patients rarely start at this dose. Your provider will prescribe you the starting dose in pre-filled syringes.

No, while it may be safe, there is not enough evidence to support taking semaglutide for weight loss during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you plan to become pregnant or currently breastfeeding, discuss this with your provider to create a plan and treatment timeline.

For medical weight loss, generally, no. If you have type II diabetes, it may be covered, but you should go through your regular medical provider. Coverage may change, but Botox Bar does not traditionally accept insurance for their procedures. Patients can work with outside financing such as Care Credit or Cherry for their medical weight loss Frisco, TX.

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