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Frequently Asked Questions

Some discomfort is involved when performing non-surgical chin augmentation. However, most patients feel only momentary pain or discomfort. Also, numbing cream is available and nearly all fillers have a small amount of lidocaine in their formulas which helps ease the injections as well.

It depends on the filler used. On average, patients can expect jawline and chin contouring to last around one year. Some fillers may last up to two years.

The injections only take around ten or fifteen minutes. The entire process can take around 30 to 45 minutes depending on other procedures being performed, numbing, and any discussion that needs to take place.

Yes, when performed correctly, non-surgical chin augmentation often looks exceptionally natural. The injectors at Botox Bar take the time to examine your anatomy and learn what your goals are to determine the right filler and technique for you.

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