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Frequently Asked Questions

Without proper examination and consultation, it is difficult to estimate the number of filler treatments you may need. However, if you achieve your desired results in one session, patients can then choose how often they want to refresh their filler. For those who want to maintain their results, this will likely be once or twice a year.

Yes and no. Patients can return to work and their normal activities. However, they may need to skip their work out for the night and forego a glass of wine with dinner. Your injector will provide personalized aftercare instructions at your appointment.

Yes, patients need to be at least 18 years old and in good general health. It is also important that they have realistic expectations and understand the benefits and risks. As a minimally invasive procedure, there are relatively few restrictions.

For anti-aging purposes, the best age to get dermal fillers is when you become bothered by the signs of aging you notice. This age will vary for every patient. As long as a patient otherwise meets the requirements for dermal fillers Waxahachie, TX, they can undergo the injections. In short, assuming a patient meets all other requirements, there is no wrong age to start filler injections.

It depends on the filler you get. Some fillers can last as long as two years without needing a touch-up. On average, though, patients can expect to touch-up their fillers between one and four times per year.

Again, it depends on the filler used and the treatment area. Six months to one year is generally a good average estimation for how long hyaluronic acid fillers last.

No, because Botox and fillers address aging in completely different ways, this does not make one inherently better. Botox prevents and treats wrinkles by freezing specific muscle movements. Fillers plump areas of volume loss and disguise permanent wrinkles. They work best in tandem with one another to provide full facial rejuvenation.

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