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Breast Augmentation: An Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Breast augmentation recovery depends on the techniques used and any additional surgeries included. However, in general, breast augmentation recovery requires a bit of downtime and rest to ensure you heal properly. Some recovery steps include: 

  • Keep the surgical bra on for a week or so (or until your provider removes it) 
  • Take a few days off of work so you can get proper rest 
  • Avoid lifting anything heavy (10 lbs or more) for at least a few weeks 
  • Avoid excessive workouts until your provider clears you to do so 
  • Attend every follow-up appointment with your provider to ensure you heal correctly 

The cost of breast augmentation in Orlando depends on the provider you use and the type of implants you prefer. At Sarasota Surgical Arts, breast augmentation starts at $3,550 for saline implants but goes up from there.

The best way to find an excellent breast augmentation, Orlando, provider is by scheduling consultations with a few in your area and asking questions. The right provider will be able to answer all of your questions and make you feel at ease with the entire process.

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